The wonderful countryside of the Slavkovský les protected area is crisscrossed by cycling and walking tracks which will lead you to the most beautiful spots around: extensive peat bogs, mineral springs, flowing openings of  carbon dioxide so-called mofetes, granite and serpentine rocks, beech forests, etc. There are more than 120 mineral springs concentrated here, most of which are accessible from the marked hiking tracks.


Kladská Nature Reserve
13 km away.

Kynžvartský chateau
from the end of the 17th Century, 14 km away.

Mariánské Lázně
located in a beautiful valley, has nearly 100 cold springs, famous for its colonnade with singing fountain, 3 km away.

Smraďoch – forest peat bog,
9 km away.

Teplá monastery
the second largest library in Bohemia, church with baroque decorations.